Black History Month


At Newcastle Sixth Form College, we will be taking part in a range of class based activities throughout October 2020, as part of Black History Month. We will be running competitions, creating presentations, taking part in external online events and running our own forum/discussion group. For more information about the national programme of activity to support Black History Month, visit  


Online Events

If you would like to find out more during Black History Month, there are a number of national online events/talks and seminars which are free.



1-7 October

Great Black Women in History

1-9 October

African History Before the Slave Trade

4 October

Honouring our Ancestors

14 October

NEECA Regional Event – BHM

1 Jan 2021

An Introduction to Black Studies



There are a vast range of articles and books which you could read to help you increase your knowledge during Black History Month. Below are just a small selection of Links to recent news articles about this years Black History Month:


- Black History is everyones’ history – Slavery to Windrush

- What is the BHM Month theme for 2020

- How BHM is being activated online through Pinterest

- Putting the faces of black British heroes on grocery shelves



This October, one of the ways NSFC is celebrating Black History Month is by having a competition that’s all about exploring black history.


To do this, we’re asking students to contribute a creative piece that celebrates an influential figure(s) within Black History. This can look at their achievements, the challenges they have faced in their lives, and/or the how they have been involved in social justice.


We love outside-of-the-box thinking here at NSFC so you can submit your creative piece in whatever medium you want – just make sure you’re able to send it through an email and that you think about accessibility (for example, if you create a sculpture please send photos or videos with descriptions).


If you need a burst of inspiration, you can draw from the Black History Month programme we have put together [link] and the activities you will be doing in your subject lessons to recognise Black History Month.


Here are a few examples of things you could think about doing, you could…:

- Write a poem in tribute to your favourite black poet

- Create an infographic about the civil rights campaigners

- Write a blog article on the most influential biopic films

- Create a short video/animation about how a black person has impacted your field of study


Selected creative pieces will be featured as part of an exhibition with winning entries will receiving gift vouchers. Creative pieces will be judged anonymously by a staff panel who will be looking at the contribution the entries have in celebrating Black History Month and at their creativity.

Students can submit their entries by emailing: (please include your name and student number!) by the 23rd October. If you have any questions, please email Enya (above) or students can pop down to the library desk during their lunchtime.



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