Eradicating Racism - Black Lives Matter

Eradicating racism in all its forms is something that our students feel strongly about.

As we reflect on recent events and the Black Lives Matter Campaign, we feel now is an important time to reiterate our respect ethos and our strong anti-racist stance at NSFC.

With the help of our Psychology Department, we have put together an extended reading/viewing list of materials which deal with the issues of systemic racism. The full list is available HERE


Positive Practices at Home


Staying at home and working remotely is a challenge for everyone, so don't worry if you are struggling to adjust. A number of things you can do which might help:



 Keep moving - ensure you build some exercise in your day. If you look after young ones, watch this and do this with them: Joe Wicks Workout or find your own exercise on line - there are many.


 Keep to a routine - get up at same time every day and set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve that day!


 Learn something new! (Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or try something you have never done before) - the open university and future learn have got lots of Moocs or check out unifrog. Or watch a ted talk everyday on a completely new topic/subject.


  Keep connected with friends and family.


 Keep your expectation high with work - but be kind on yourself as it's not easy to learn by yourself.


Help out if you can - help your neighbours or friends who you know might struggle.


See the following websites for other advice:


 Mind have a good section specific to the current situation and how to manage: 


The NHS have a number of self help booklets, accessible via:


NHS wellbeing audio guides:


BBC article:


British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy:


Living with Worry and Anxiety - Covid 19 Leaflet

Living With Worry and Anxiety Leaflet