What our Students Say

Access to Level 3 is a great opportunity for those that want to do A-Level or any other higher education in order to get their dream job. For me it is the foundation of requirements, because I need those certificates to do A-Le...
Sagharossadat Farshidian , Access to Level 3
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Computer Science provides a wide range of opportunities that can lead down various career paths. I enjoy trying to solve complex problems and automating things to make them easier.
Thomas Boughen , Studying Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science
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Classics is a fascinating subject that combines literature with history to study the lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans. I enjoyed the mixture of the look into famous figures such as Julius Caesar and the lives of everyday ...
Christy Macdonald , Studying English Literature, English Language and Classics
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Chemistry is often challenging, but there is a great feeling of satisfaction once you understand it. Chemists are necessary to the world, to overcome many dilemmas – from finding new, useful drugs in pharmacy, to finding ways t...
Elise Elliott , Studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry
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The Biology course is extremely interesting, allowing you to look at developments at the forefront of science, such as DNA technology, along with understanding the most base components of life on the planet.
Kate Gilroy
Kate Gilroy , Studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
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As a social science, Economics has helped me develop an awareness of finance and global issues amongst others and the style of teaching I received allowed me to thrive and understand what I was being taught thoroughly. In parti...
Louis Gregory , Studying English Language, Economics and Law
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I loved studying ‘In Cold Blood’ and ‘Lady Audley’s Secret’ because it enables you to engage your analytical skills and the lecturer made it more possible and exciting through the enthusiasm of every lesson. Literature is funda...
Madison Kane , Studying Graphic Communications, English Literature and Media Studies
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Coming to Newcastle Sixth Form College has been the best decision I have ever made, both in terms of education and developing the confidence to express myself. I have met such amazing people who are incredibly diverse, and this...
Madison Kane , Graphic Communication, English Literature and Media Studies
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Further Maths offers a challenge and gives the opportunity to explore in depth, more complex maths with great support from staff who were always able to provide extra help and resources.
Shaun Carter , Studying Further Maths, Maths and Computer Science
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I have really enjoyed Geography this year, especially going on trips to help with our coursework and exams such as the trip to Iceland which was amazing. My teacher has been so helpful and supported me throughout my course and ...
Stephanie Gallagher , Studying Geography, Drama and English Literature
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Psychology can be applied in mostly any situation which makes it one of the most interesting subjects I have studied. I was amazed at how many different theories and concepts there are, all explaining how the mind shapes each p...
Kathryn Vanner , Studies Psychology, Biology and English Literature
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Coming to the sixth form was an entirely new and great experience with interesting lessons and great support from staff, as well as financial support if needed. This is really the only reason I can get in as I have to travel su...
Arthur Freeman
Arthur Freeman , Biology, Chemistry and Psychology
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Law was an interesting subject because it is so in depth it allows you to get really involved and get your teeth into the subject. I really enjoyed learning how the legal system worked and how it has developed through the years...
Liam Cartwright , Studies Law, Politics and Sociology
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I have thoroughly enjoyed the A Level history course. I struggled to write essays at the beginning but the amazing feedback I received from my teacher really improved my grade. My favourite topic so far has been the French Revo...
Lauren Hanson
Lauren Hanson , Studies History, Maths and English Literature
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The support staff at NSFC have been amazing, helping me with my mental health, college work and getting me to lessons. They have gone above and beyond when supporting me, to make sure I stayed at college to achieve my goals. Th...
Jenny McDowell
Jenny McDowell , Studies Art, Craft and Design, ICT and Geography
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Sociology has allowed me to learn about society in depth so that I now have such a good understanding of the world I live in. The department is so helpful and caring and dedicated to helping everyone achieve their best.
Yve Edmunds , Studies Sociology, Classics and English Literature
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I never thought I would enjoy such a challenging subject however, with all the support I received from my lecturer, I can easily say now Maths is my favourite subject.
Felicia Vatavu , Studies Maths, Psychology, Sociology
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