What our Students Say

This subject is so important in the context of the world today, and we are allowed to study in a way which enables us to get the real detail we need. I know that by choosing Newcastle Sixth Form I made a wise decision in prepar...
Thomas Larrad , Politics
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The opportunity to study independently and at my own pace, and the way teachers support you has been a real benefit to me. I loved my subjects at school, but at NSFC you can really specialise in your interests, and this has bee...
Michael Allan , History
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As a social science, Economics has helped me develop an awareness of finance and global issues. The style of teaching I received allowed me to thrive and really understand the theory in detail. In particular, learning about dif...
Molly Nixon , Economics
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I saw the benefits of attending a Sixth Form College almost immediately after I started. The freedom to work at my own pace and the way I was treated as an adult, boosted my confidence that I could achieve exactly what I wanted...
Spencer Barber Harris , English Literature
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The course is packed with so much great content and my teachers are so passionate about the subject, I really feel that I am getting the best education available.
Stanley Betts , Media Studies
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College has given me the confidence to strive to better myself and achieve to the best of my abilities.
Abigail Chaplin , Psychology
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The support staff at NSFC have been amazing. They have gone above and beyond when supporting me, to make sure I achieve my goals. They have also helped me to increase my independence.
Daniel Preece , Graphic Communication
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Law was an interesting subject because it is so in depth it allows you to get really involved and get your teeth into the subject. I really enjoyed learning how the legal system worked and how it has developed through the years...
Neve Caithness , Law
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Coming to Newcastle Sixth Form has given me the perfect balance between independence and in-class learning, so that I can find the best environment for me to succeed.
Ana Botezatu , Sociology
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I have loved studying at Newcastle Sixth Form, because the staff allow me the freedom to study at my own pace but also the support I need to get the best possible results.
Leah McIntyre , English Language
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Further Maths offers a challenge and gives the opportunity to explore in depth, more complex maths with great support from staff who were always able to provide extra help and resources.
Katie Stafford , Further Maths
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The Staff have been a major part at Newcastle Sixth Form College, and their enthusiasm, care, and exclusivity has had a substantial benefit to my wellbeing. This is a fantastic route for any individual who wants to aim high and...
Sosan Mirafgan , Film Studies
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I chose NSFC over my school becasue I knew that in a Sixth Form College I would be able to be myself, and enjoy all the benefits of a purely A level based campus.
Clark Kent Charvez , Computer Science
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I came to Newcastle Sixth Form College because I felt I could achieve more if I left school. My time at NSFC has definitely enabled me to go further and achieve success in my subjects.
Primrose Lucia Matende , Physics
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The teachers make the subjects come to life, and this is a major bonus when studying for A Level as the course is so much more intensive.
Eve Morrison , Business Studies
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