Sagharossadat FarshidianAccess to Level 3


Access to Level 3 is a great opportunity for those that want to do A-Level or any other higher education in order to get their dream job. For me it is the foundation of requirements, because I need those certificates to do A-Level, which will allow me to apply to university for a course related to medicine or pharmacy.

Studying this course at NSFC was enjoyable and full of new experiences, as you meet new students from different backgrounds, nations and cultures, who are hardworking and their efforts encourage and motivate you to work hard too. 

Other colleges only offer this course three days a week - from my point of view five days a week is absolutely necessary to achieve high grades. Also, the lovely staff, are always there to help you in learning and with other problems or questions you might have, making your experience at NSFC more memorable.