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English Language


English Language offers the opportunity to develop your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of language in use and to consider some critical language debates. Together, the creative writing and language investigation components give you the opportunity to develop your particular language specialisms. For example, students interested in journalism might select to write newspaper articles for their coursework, followed by journalism for their investigation.

Entry Requirements

Students are expected to have at least grade 5 in GCSE English Language or a similar subject.


Learning & Assessment

Modules / Topics

The key topic areas explored include:

  • The structure of English
  • Regional and global forms of English
  • Child language development
  • The history of the English Language
  • Exploring how aspects of our identity (such as gender identity) are reflected in the language we use
  • The key characteristics of different ‘types’ of English (such as instant messaging, journalism, advertising etc)

Learning how to write for an audience and purpose

Trips / Visits / Enrichment

Visits from university lecturers.


Linguistic skills are embedded throughout the course which is 80% written examination assessment and 20% coursework.

Language Variation - written examination 35%

Children’s Language Development – written examination 20%

Investigating Language – written examination 25%

Crafting Language - coursework 20%

  • Ted Talk - Erin McKean – Go Ahead Make Up New Words
  • Ted Talk – John McWhorter – Txtng is killing language jk
  • The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker.
  • Advanced Level English Language by Sara Thorne

English Language can be studied as a single subject in higher education or can be combined with English Literature or a wide range of other subjects. Studying English Language provides you with valuable skills and a firm basis for life-long learning. Careers could include lexicography, speech therapy, journalist, content writing, teaching, law, marketing, publishing and a range of opportunities in the arts and culture sector.

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