Further Mathematics


Further Mathematics is designed to broaden and deepen the mathematical knowledge and skills developed when studying A-level Mathematics. It is a useful subject for students looking to study subjects such as Maths or Physics at university.

Entry Requirements

Students will need GCSE Maths at least grade 7 and also must study A Level Maths.


Learning & Assessment

Modules / Topics

Core Pure Mathematics

Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra & Functions, Further Calculus, Further Vectors, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions, Differential Equations


Further Mechanics

Momentum and Impulse, Work, Energy and Power, Elastic Strings and Springs, Elastic Energy, Elastic Collisions in one and two dimensions


Decision Mathematics

Algorithms and Graph Theory, Algorithms on Graphs and Networks, critical Path Analysis, linear Programming

Trips / Visits / Enrichment

We expect all further mathematics students to take part in the UKMT Maths Senior Maths Challenge. We also offer entrance into the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls and participation in the National Cipher Challenge sponsored by GCHQ


Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1 (25%) 1hr 30 mins

Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2 (25%) 1hr 30 mins

Paper 3: Further Mechanics (25%) 1hr 30 mins

Paper 4: Decision Mathematics (25%) 1hr 30 mins

What do our students say?

College has given me the confidence to strive to better myself and achieve to the best of my abilities.
Abigail Chaplin , Psychology
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Edexcel AS/A Level Further Mathematics Core Pure Book 1

The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets, Simon Singh

Youtube Channel – Numberphile

Further Maths students often go on to study Maths or Physics based degrees at top universities including Russell Group institutions. It is also a good basis for those studying engineering, computing, economics or any science based courses

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