NSFC Library


Library Resources

At Newcastle Sixth Form College, students and staff have access to many online services via the library. Our resources include e-books, research journals and subject specific video lectures. You can also search for the location of physical books from your device!


Library Search

You can use library search to find the physical location of books by identifying the shelfmark number.



VLEBooks is an eBook service which provides access to a variety of titles such as textbooks, how-to guides for essay-writing and self-help books.

  • Go to the above address
  • Select “Shibboleth” from the “Sign in below” menu
  • Select “Newcastle College Group”
  • Sign in using your Microsoft office login details

If you have any title requests do let the librarian know!



JSTOR is a digital library of journal articles and primary sources. It is a great research tool often recommended by universities due to its breadth of peer-reviewed publications.

  • Go to the above address
  • Select “Log in”
  • Select “Find My Institution”
  • Search for and select “Newcastle College”
  • Create a personal account to use off-site



ProQuest is a database aimed at researchers and academics. It contains interesting sources such as theses, eBooks and scholarly journals.

  • If on-site you will be logged in automatically
  • If off-site-
    • Select Newcastle College as your institution
    • Log in using your computer log-in details



Massolit is a platform which hosts academic video lectures on a range of subject-specific topics.

  • Got to the above address
  • Select “Log In”
  • Select the “here” link on the left
  • Select “Student”
  • Select “Newcastle Sixth Form College”
  • Enter your details including your college email


We also have access to the following services, ask your teacher or librarian for log-in details: